Abeille Parachutisme

Maiden flight, light aircraft, parachute - Skydiving

Pets accepted
15 min preparation, 20 min flight, 40 seconds free fall at 200 km/h. 5 to 7 min ride with no sail. Landing ensured by the tandem pilot.
It will start off with about 15 minutes briefing so that you will know exactly what to do.
After about a 20 minutes flight and a 3000 meters the door will open….
You’re out of the plane for a skydrive at 200 kmh !
The parachute will open at 1500 meters and off you go for a nice ride through the sky.
The ground is getting closer and the tandem master will land you as a gentle as possible.
The tandem master is a professional skydriver.
He will control the exit from the plane, the freefall, the opening of the parachute and the landing of the canopy.
Contact details

Abeille Parachutisme

Aérodrome d'Avranches


Phone : 02 31 89 77 66

Fax : 02 31 89 77 62

Mobile phone : 06 86 16 25 13


Base rate from 322 at 373 €
Means of payment

Postal or bank cheques

Holiday vouchers



Instructor yes
National diploma yes

School Groups

Minimum age 12years old
Maximum age 70years old
Incentive activities Other


Coach parking