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The sea in the countryside or the countryside by the sea. That is the best definition of this pretty corner of the Flowered Coast that some like to call "The Queen of Beaches".

42 - Casino de Trouville

Strolling along the shore or in the port, with the swimmers or with the fishermen ...  responding to the call of the ocean or strolling along winding streets, among the casino, villas, palaces and hotels... all the charm of a restful yet lively seaside resort.  Trouville has the authenticity of the early days of the Belle Epoque, of the first seaside resort extolled by artists and writers from Flaubert to Boudin. Charles Mozin was the first to discover the little fishing port, soon followed by others such as Dumas, Corot and Monet, who followed in his footsteps to enrich their works with local flavours. Trouville also has energy, that of its daily life, of the shrimp, mackerel, scallop and sole fishers. Despite being overcome by the euphoria for sea bathing like its neighbour Deauville, the city of Thorulfr the Viking, who gave his name to the town, has never renounced its traditions. A testimony of this is the old covered Fish Market, classified as a historic monument since 1922 : the symbol of the long history of a town which is resolutely maritime.

Worth a visit
  • La halle aux poissons et le port de pêche : Construite en 1935 « la poissonnerie » retrouvera très bientôt son éclat d'antan après avoir été sérieusement endommagée par un incendie en 2006.
  • The beach and the boardwalk : the boardwalk dates from 1867 and was the first on the Norman coast.
  • Le circuit des murs peints de Savignac et  le Musée Villa Montebello : le célèbre affichiste a tissé des liens particuliers avec Trouville qu'il aura marqué de son empreinte et de ses images au style incomparable.
  • Le Casino : l'expertise de l'architecte d'intérieur Jacques Garcia pour un environnement de jeu unique.


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Not to be missed