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Bagnoles de l'Orne


Bagnoles de l'Orne, a healthy, hedonistic town nestling in the heart of the Normandy-Maine Regional Nature Park, has been looked upon for centuries as a veritable paradise on Earth. 

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Visitors will discover a curvaceous, well-rounded town with a relaxing atmosphere provided by its Belle-Epoque Architecture, its lake, weeping willows, fine bridges and race course.  Indeed, Bagnoles is the perfect town to relax in, an ideal spot to recharge your batteries and fill up with energy.  From the thermal springs with their water at 26°C (79°F) to the winding paths of the Andaine forest, the local attractions offer conviviality, well-being and recreation. Whether you come for sport or culture or both, you may be sure that your encounter with Bagnoles will be delightful, whatever the season.   The 12th century French story-tellers were not mistaken in taking their inspiration from this enchanting place for one of their finest legends : that of Lancelot du Lac and the knights of the round table. Today this attractive town of fine sandstone buildings, adorned with roses and hydrangeas, is giving up its secrets, from those of the Arthurian epic to those surrounding the discovery of the Spring, and of the Roc au Chien in the forest outside the town.

Worth a visit
  • Les Thermes (thermal springs) : legends abound concerning the origin of the springs of Bagnoles, but all recognise their curative properties.  Today the effects of this natural therapy are recognised.
  • Arboretum : 154 species of tree for you to discover in the Chateau gardens
  • Belle époque district (website in French) : time seems to have stopped at the beginning of the 20th century in the first residential area of Bagnoles, for the greater pleasure of romantic-minded dreamers and lovers of architecture.
  • Casino



Not to be missed